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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Do Aliens exsist?

Ok now this one is a question that has baffeld even the brainiest of them for the longest of times:
Do Aliens actually exsist?

And if they do what do they look like, where do they come from, and just what do they want?
If you turn on the tv, chances are on one of the 700 channels that we have now there will be a show about the little green men.

Now there are all kinds of ideas going around about these guys and not to mention the sightings that have been reported countless times of wierd shapes flying through the air and then there was the crap whoops! sorry crop circles wich I didn't really believe.

But I do think that they could exsist, I'm one of those people who thinks that it would be ignorant of me to think that in a universe as big as this that we are the only ones here. In fact that in itself is a good point-- we are here. So if we exist then surely others do. In fact I do have a theory of my own.

It is said that we evolved from apes right? And it took so many millions of years, so what if a few millon years down the road we evolved again. Of course technology advanced as well even to the point of time travel and years from now when our great great great great great whatever they are's go to some kind of school who is to say that as part of their history lessons they will actually go back through time to where we are now to study our present day, their history as part of their lesson.

So they could be us a few thousand or even million years from now. I'm not saying I am right but it's an interesting theory.

Does anyone out there have any other theories?

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Jenn said...

My theory is that God saw how much evil was in this world and decided to I guess kind of try again. Or if you believe that these of life forms are evil, then maybe we are His second try? Maybe the race before us had even more problems. Who knows? But I do believe that we are not the only populated world that God has made.