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Monday, 1 December 2008

Myths and legends true or false ?

The legend of King Arthur

There must be alteast Three or four different versions of the legend of one of Englands greatest kings if he even existed at all the Great King Arthur.

Legend has it that the king ruled the country for many years roughly around the early 6th century and was rumored to have held off the Anglo-Saxon invasion attempts with his Knights of the round table for many years until his death.

Legend also has it that the King was a great fighter he and his Knights fought twelve battles in total and legend tells that in the battle of Mons Badonicus King Arthur single handedly killed 960 men. Both he and his Knights have been portrayed in countless films and books as Been some mighty warrior in Shining armour with a magical sword and a mighty magician Merlin as a advisor.

The true King Arthur was actualy a Roman soldier who had been sent to England to one of Romes outposts at a time when the Anglo-saxon armys in vast numbers were repeatedly attempting to over run England. Arthur and a group of roman soldiers stayed and held there ground against the vast army's of the Saxons so I'm not exactly sure how he got the title of king. Maybe it was bestowed on him by the locals of the time however legend says he was announced as king after defeting the Anglo-Saxons army.

Finally legend says that he was killed in the battle of Camlann so after many years he died has he had lived a great worrior king and the last f the kings to actually engage in single combat.

The main problem with this one seems to be that when he did die all the proof that he exisited died with him it seems that the kingdom of Camalot or even his Roman outpost just dissapeard without trace. the magical sword Excalibur sword of kings gone, no armour, no crown, nothing to say he was actually here. Even his great Knights not a single piece of eveidence to support their existance either.

But however there is thisThis is a monument somwhere in Wales England that actually mentions King Arthur so it would appear that for the first time in my investagations there is some evidence to back a legend aparrently this monument was written in 1275 but that is 6 centuries after king Arthur or atleast my source but however there are other historians who would say that king Arthur was actually around in the tenth cetury so even with the above evidence it sounds like they can't even agree on when he was around either that or he lived a long long time.

So my idea of this one is that yes King Arthur did exist at some point in history and was beyond doubt a great warrior but however I dont belive he was a Knight in shining armour Maybe more just a Roman soldier who was a great leader of men and as for Excalibour maybe it was just a brand of sword like the Samuri but the Excalibour version never took off so it was a one of a kind.

So as for the legend of King Arthur actually existing my answer is yes he did.
but as for the sword, Camalot, and all the magic I say that part of the legend is busted.

If you have any ideas or arguments on my myth and legends then please leave me a comment

Next weeks legend is Robin Rood

1 comment:

Jenn said...

I think that you may be on to something with this. I'm not sure whether I believe that there was an actual King Arthur or not. My guess is that he's a kind of culmination of a bunch of the great kings and warriors of England, all put together into one big legend. I guess we'll never know for sure...