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Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Ducks are coming!!

Well this may be the most wierd blog I have ever done but I am now convinced that the world is being over taken by Ducks. I even have proof, at first I was kinda intimadated by the Pegions but beleve me when I say that they have nothing on the ducks. I even have the pictures to prove it I will tell my story using the pictures so you can see what I know.


My day started more or less the same as any other day get woken up by the alarm then get in the shower and get ready for work. After gtetting ready and saying goodbye to my mom I was on my way to work  with my sandwiches tightly wrapped in my plastic see through bag.

Quite happy and not a care in the world I decide to walk though the park, I mean why not its a nice day and I wanted to take some pictures for my Jenn so through the park I go. With my camera at the ready and the sun going down on the horizon I'm all set to get some amaizing shots to put on my blog for
 my jenn to see.

With the sun in prime position I start to take some pictures of a beautiful sunset for my Jenn and they turned out pretty well here they are.

Yes I must admit I was quite pleased with the way they had turned out. I'm just putting my camera away and it's right at that point I see a lonley little bird that looks out of breath and appears to be running for its little life.

 As you may notice the picture is alittlle blury thats because this little bird was running like he had just seen Burnard Matthews smiling at him. Then I looked up and saw The horror he was running from.

There they are a entire army of Ducks all after this one little bird for some reason. I feel so sorry for the little bird but but I decide to walk away and I notice that the ducks are no longer following the little bird that now seems to be looking at me laughing but infact I'm the new target. 

They are after me I dont know why but they are I took afew pictures or as many as I could while running for my life from the KILLER DUCKS!!!!

See Notice how they are all looking at me they are sizing me up for the kill.

This was the last shot I took before I turned and ran for my life. the ducks had made it on to the banking of the pond. as soon as I saw these two I ran for my life and didnt look back.

So there it is living proof that



1 comment:

Jenn said...

very cute story baby i love the pictures