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Monday, 29 December 2008

Not me! Monday

Hi every one who reads my blog

I can't belive it's already Monday again

where on earth does the time go?

Not me Monday was first introduced to me by

my beautiful Jenn and I have tried it for a few weeks

now with great results so here is this weeks not me! monday

I did not wait up half the night to see if santa would come to the house

Im past all that santa and the raindeer stuff.

There is no way ever that I managed to eat my way through a entire

box of Heroes chocolates that would just be greedy right.

There is no way I droped a can of Pepsi all over the sofa I was sat on

and got my tousers soaked, then left them next to the washing machine

for my mom to take care of that would just be lazy of me.

And I did not tell a kid at work that I was the real Batman

and the guy in the poster was a imposter how childish would that be.

It wasn't me that went to the work party and had 8 mince pies

when the boss had made two per person I would be so ashamed of my self

especialy if the boss waited till after I had eaten that many to tell me

that there was only two per person.

So there is my not me monday confession I hope you all liked it.


Morgan said...

Wayne, I LOVE your not me Monday's! I honestly think that yours are my favorite. I always start out completely missing the humor, thinking, "Well yeah, of course he didn't stay up to see if Santa would come. Like what's so funny about that???" Then it hits me that you really actually did. Then I just laugh. A lot. Thank you for being brutally honest and sharing with us some of your weekly confessions. I will definitely need to give it a try one of these days.

Jenn said...

WAYNE! You are not supposed to admit these things to strangers lol. This was very funny! Keep it up. I love you.

Kimber said...

Very funny post!! I love that you ate all those minced pies, and chocolate and waited up for Santa.

ash said...

Hi Wayne, From one MckMama reader to another, please post a prayer request for baby Stellan. He is back in the hospital and needs all of our prayers. Your "Not Me's" made me chuckle.