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Friday, 19 December 2008

Photo Friday: trip to see my Jenn.

This is my very first Photo Friday so please forgive me if its not to good but I will try. I was introduced to this idea By my beautiful Jenn who did a great photo Friday so I can only hope this will be as good so hear goes.

My trip to see My Jenn.

This is me, Hi me!

This is Jenn.

This picture is inside Manchester airport at about 3 oclock in the morning
Theres no one there apart from me at that time.

This one is aboard the plane at about 6:15am getting ready for take off.
Not much room to move around once your sat down.

Once in the air the sight of the sun rising was simply breath taking.

This one is my favorite in flight photo that I took.
isn't it a awsome sight?

About 9 hours later I manage to catch a glimps of the coast through the clouds.
Not long now and I'll be with my Jenn.

I get to the Atlanta airport and I take a picture of the plane that took me across the atlantic ocean and to My Jenn.

Finally after 35 hours and 5000 miles later me and My beautiful Jenn relax under the shade of the trees at her college.

And thats my first photo friday hope you enjoy

Original Photo friday was created by Deliciousbaby


Global Gal said...

I love that photo of the KLM wing with sun & clouds behind! Beautiful! Hope you enjoy your trip!


dommy said...

I liked the way you followed the entire story through with your photos. You two have a great time this holiday :)


The Q Family said...

Great photo story! I love the picture that you took from the plane.

-Amy @ The Q Family

Morgan said...

Wayne, I LOVED these! I feel like I went on the trip with you. You captured it all prefectly.

Jen said...

Beautiful sun pics...thanks for sharing!