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Monday, 22 December 2008

Not me! Monday

Welcome to another not me monday
After the succsess of my last not me Monday
I thought I would give it a try this week aswell.
My beautiful Jenn first introduced me to not me monday.
and this week my friend Morgan is going to give it a try
so please check out there blogs
Ok so without further a doo
here is my not me Monday.

Ok so this week I have been so good again.
It was not me that left the sofa in a mess and told my mom that it must have been the cats that messed it up in the night.

and It wasn't me that again drunk all the milk and then said I used it for some cornflakes.

and I would never tell mom that she is going grey she nearly.... I mean she would hit me with her walking stick if I ever told her that.

And I didn't even go anywhere near the cream cheeze again and take a huge dollop out of it using my finger it's my moms and I would never take her creamy yummi philladelphia cheese.

It wasn't me that said I would read a book by today and havn't even started on the first page yet.

And I just know for a fact that I wouldn't encourage the cats to eat walkers crisp and then watch them all stare at my mother as she looks at them in horror hiding her packet of crisps behind her back

See I told you I have been good this week.

thankyou so much for reading my not me monday.

1 comment:

Following Him said...

Love your list this week...as for the finger in the cream cheese...too funny!