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Thursday, 18 December 2008

A few picstures of me

Now these are very rare I am what you could call camera shy. But my beautiful Jenn convinced me that I should post a few of my pictures on here so try not to laugh I know that most I look terrible but oh well. so here are a few pictures of me.

Firstly this is my personal favorite and I love it because it has Jenn in it as well
So when I say my beautiful Jenn this is who I am talking about.

Ok this one is when I was on a train on my way to the airport to see Jenn.

Here is another one with me and Jenn.

I always thought I looked old in this one maybe I should have smiled.

I look like I have no colour in this one talk about bad complextion.

This is one of my Jenn's favorites so I put it one for her I love you jenn.

I love the sunset in ths one it's not one of those false screens either.

The same sunset as before but this time with me and my Jenn two beautiful things in the same photo.

And finally here's one of me that My Jenn took and I do like this one of me.

So there it is a few pictures of me so now you all know what I look like.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

I love all of those pictures but especially the ones with just you in them :)