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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I just don't get it

I thought It was about time I wrote a blog exspressing the things I don't understand in life.
Every day things that make no sense to me things that you could also class as stupid or things that are just plain dumb in short things that I don't understand so here goes.

1.) Why do they make cars that go at 100mph and over if the max speed limit is about 65mph?

2.) When there is a boxing match why do they say that they are in a boxing ring when its actually a square?.

3.) Why do profesional football players get paid thousands of pounds/dollars for having fun for a few hours while the man who goes and workes hard at a factory all day just to feed his family get paid about 25 dollars a day?.

4.) Why can a superstar singer admit to taking drugs and be let off completely without punishment while a regular Joe gets locked up for years for the same thing?.

5.) Why do I never notice I'm out of toilet paper till after I'm finished?.

6.) Why does James Bond always have the right tools for the job?.

7.) Why do they always sell Hotdogs in cans of 6 but always sell the Buns in packs of 8?.

8.)Why do they spend so much money on exploring the outerlimits of space when there are people starving on earth?.

9.) How can someone say they are the best in the world until they have beaten every sinlgle person in the world?.

10.) Why do they call them a pair of trousers if it is classed as one item?

So there are just a few of the things in life I just don't get. So If any of you who read my blogs can give any kind of answer to any of my questions then please leave the answers in your comments or just leave a comment thanks.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Very good questions. I know it's very strange how so many people never want to leave comments...