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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Little kid gangsters

Today I was at work and two kids came in to the store. One of them was about 6 or 7 years old and the other one was about 12 years old. Straight away I knew they were gonna be trouble but what amazed me the most is that the smallest one was the most trouble.

He had one hand in his pants and he was walking with a limp. Why do they walk with a limp I just don't get that does it make them look like a hard man or somthing? So anyway he walked up to the counter and I said to him " Hi do you need any help?" he just kinda looked at me.

Then his friend said that his dad owned blockbuster which straight away I knew was a lie because the guy who owns block buster lives somwhere in the states. About ten minutes go by and the gangster wonna be's are still in the store and so I say to them " are you guys buying anything? Then they say they are so I give them some more time to look around.

After another ten minutes of them just hanging around the counter I notice them messing with all the candy. They are laughing and it's now certain that they are just in the store to mess around. So I politely ask them to leave the store.

Well anyone would think I had insulted them They started saying "My dad Will come in and beat you up and he will get you fired". So I say to him "well bring your dad in then and I will tell him how rude you have been". Then the little one starts saying things like I'll beat you silly.

So that is when I say "ok out now " and they keep saying really rude things wich I wont mention on this blog. So after about ten minutes of being hurled abuse at by two little kids who think they are gangsters. They finally left the store and didn't come back.

It made me wonder what the world is coming to. It just seems that some kids think they can get away with anything. Please don't get me wrong I love kids I have three beautiful nieces who I adore I get along with most people in the world and I believe you should always respect people and treat them as you would like to be treated.

1 comment:

Keyona said...

I know just what you mean! I would have given them a whoopin', I'm sure that's all they really need.