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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Late Thankful Thursday

To anyone who reads my Blogs then Im terribly sorry that my Thankful Thursday is actually a Thankful Friday This Idea began With my Beautiful Jenn Who asked me to do the samd so here it is my Thankful Thursday/Friday

The things I am thankful for this week are as follows.

I am thankful that I have my health.

I am thankful that I have a job that pays me to go see my Jenn.

I'm thankful for my family and friends.

I am thankful that my job is still safe with the pending credit crunch.

I am thankful we live in a world that is mostly full of decent people.

and I am most thankful that I have my Jenn who I love more than anything in the world.


1 comment:

Jenn said...

Thank you for doing this baby it doesn't matter that it's late because the point is to never forget how much you have to be thankful for.