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Saturday, 28 February 2009

I am baptised

I have now been baptised in to the world of Mormon and they told me I should write about it while the event is fresh in my mind so here is what happened.

Me and mom set off for the church at about 5:30 pm and I decided that I would walk and mom wanted to walk and so mom walked with me.

We got to church at about 6:35 pm and the other 4 people who was getting baptized was already there and ready to be dunked. I went in to the changing room and Elder Barfuss passed me my baptism jump suit. a white suit kinda like a all in one with a zip up the front.

I got in to my jump suit and headed out in to the hall where the others where waiting.Before the service began we headed in to a small room were we had our picture took, Me and mom had ours took together.

After the picture taking we talked for a few minutes and then we all headed in to the chapel where there was a lot of people sat who had come to see the baptism. some was family members while others had come to just watch.

the service began and Elder maughan gave a open speech followed by the bishop and we sang a hymn.

Before I knew it the time had come to get dunked. we all stood and headed out to the changing room. There was a door that lead through to the baptism pool,
Mom was first to be baptised I watched from the open door of the changing room and I saw the bishop place his left hand in front of mom, she held his left arm. The Bishop held his right hand in the air and said a small speech which I can't really remember.

Mom put her hand over her noes and back she went in to the water bishops right hand now under her back and he pulled her back up out o the water. Mom cried a little and up the stairs to the changing room she went.

Now it was my turn Elder Maughan Was the person who was baptising me

I walked down the stairs and felt the water around my waist I Look and see a room full of people watching me. Elder maughan followed me in to the pool he placed his left arm in front of me and I put my right arm in his hand ready to grab my nose and my left hand on his arm to steady my self he had his right arm in the air just like Bishop had.

Elder maughan Asked me "Is your name Wayne Kieth Webster"? I replied yes.
Now I cant remember exactly what he said but it goes something like this.
"Wayne Kieth Webster I baptise you in the name of the father the son and the holy ghost amen".
I said "Amen".

I feel myself falling back I put my hand over my noes I feel Elder Maughan's hand on my back.
I feel warm water surround me and cover me entirely. I then feel myself being lifted out of the water and I open my eyes and I instantly begin to feel refreshed. I feel so relaxed and Elder maughan asked me if I am ok and I reply "Yes I am Great.

I head back to the changing room where I am greeted and congratulated by the other two who are waiting to be baptised I quickly get dried of and I head in to the hall to put my shoes on and everybody who is out there is shaking my hand and saying well done to me.

After every one is baptised we all head back in to the chapel part of the church. I sat on the front pew and there was another speech by Elder catcher and he said that faith is like being at a gym and working with the weights the more you go the better you will feel but if you should stop then you would become not quite as fit.

Then the president of the Mormon churches of England and gave a speech about how how much being baptised was a good thing and it is the closest to god that a man or woman can be on this earth.

And then Elder maughan made another speech I noticed how happy he looked. and I could feel my self smiling. in fact I was constantly smiling ever since I got dunked I some how felt so happy.

Then the Bishop said the closing prayer. after which it seemed every one wanted to congratulate me I almost felt famous we then went to another room and there was a spread of food that had been prepared for us. there was chocolate and cake and rice and banana bread.

I loved the experience of been baptised and I do feel a lot closer to god I am now Mormon and very happy


Jennifer said...

I'm really so very happy for you. I'm so proud of the change you've gone through since I first met you. I've seen you truly come to know and follow our Savior. I feel honored to be able to go on this journey to learning more about God and following His plan for our lives and our life together. I love you.

Golightly said...

What a blessing - Jennifer's comment.

lisaschaos said...

Way to go! Congrats! Not sure that's what you say, but I'm happy for you! :)