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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Superman v's Spiderman

One of my not me Mondays contained a sentence about me having a argument with a kid about Superman been better than Spiderman.

It seems this sentence was the center of interest to a lot of people and the comments seemed to be centered around that topic

I thought I would defend my choice bu giving a list of just why superman is better than Spiderman.

So here is the list and reasons why Superman rules over the Spider.

1) Spiderman is limited by gravity Superman is not.

2) Spiderman has limits to his speed around 80 mph in full swing, Superman's top speed is yet unknown.

3)Spiderman can be hurt in many ways. There is only one way to hurt superman.

4) spiderman struggles to pick up anything heavier than 7 or 8 tons. Superman has no limitations on his strength.

Did you know that the difference between Superman and all other super heroes is that Superman Is the only one who is a alien Pretending to be human.

So for the reasons above Superman kicks ass compared to spiderman.

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