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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Why do they?

Ok Now I have done this for a few weeks now and I just thought I would carry it on.

Basically its some crazy thoughts I get, You know the kind of thoughts you get when you are just sat letting your mind wonder. I decided I would try to think of ten every week so I can write them down so here goes.

1) If they say don't run when there is a fire then why do they have the man running on the exit sign?

2) Why do the try to predict the end of the world? If there right who's gonna be around to care?

3) If they escaped from the prison in the first season then why make a prison break season 2?

4) Why are they so concerned with other planets when ours is the one most in need?

5) If there are ten cats in a boat and one jumps out how many are there?
trick question

6) why do they make 8 hot dogs in a pack but 12 hot dog buns?

7) how can they call Kurt Warner's last pass a fumble? his arm was in forward motion.

8) If a fly didn't have wings would they call it a walk?

9) If cigarettes kill so many people then why are they still able to sell them?. cigarettes are now responsible for more deaths than any war.

10) Why do they call it mankind if there are women too?

If you have any answers to my thoughts please let me know


Jenn said...

3. because anything goes in a tv show
5. not because the rest were copycats
6. it's a conspiracy!
9. because they make so much money and also because of the added tax

Kimber said...

You crack me up Wayne

Hannah said...

I am just as curious about Kurt Warner's "fumble"... sheesh.

Lisa said...

1. Maybe that guy is the only one in the building and he doesn't have to worry about trampling any one or being trampled?

2. Who knows.. that one never made sense to me either. I am not sure the people who try to predict even believe it, just trying to get everyone riled up. Except for some of the preachers.. and they just wanna prove how "right" they are! Lol

3. As my dad would say, "It is in the script, so why question?"

4. Anything to waste money on, or at least pretend to waste money on and buy themselves new homes and cars with said money to "study" other planets.

5. There are still 10 cats. Just beacause one jumped out it is still a cat. lol

6. Agree with Jenn, a conspiracy!

7. Because the Steelers would have won if the score was 100 to 101. Did you really think "they" were gonna let the underdogs win up against the ever so wonderful Steelers( I say sarcastically) no matter what it took? This game was decided before it EVER started.

8. Good question.

9. The money and because if all cancer was eliminated, who would need all the expensive cancer treatment? (Can you tell I am a big "conspiracy theorist" person? LOL) Hey, if we only knew half of the truth about things, we probably wouldn't be able to handle it.

10. I think the Bible answers that one... Mankind includes woman. LOL woMAN, ya know?

Love your post. You are a riot.

Lauren said...

I totally agree with the whole Prison Break thing! Seriously, what's the point? And I think there are still ten cats, one of them is just drowning now! Too funny!

Samantha said...

The prison break thing soooo irritates me! For goodness sake they've escaped, no one cares anymore!

Chelsie and Nicholas said...

That was 100 percent not a fumble!!! It was a Super Bowl conspiracy...