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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Why Do they?

Yes boys and girls It's that time of the week again.
I have yet more questions that have risen over the week.
Questions that need answers, questions to baffle the mind.

So here are my questions to the world for this week.

1) Why do they sterilise the needles for the lethal injection?

2) if they want to stop gun crime then why don't they stop the sale of guns?

3) Why do the media never get arrested for harassment?

4) Just how much bad luck can jack bower from 24 have in on day?

5) What is the difference between superman and every other super hero?
Trick question

6) If they can make cars that are so safe for the driver in rally/formula 1/ nascar / Then why cant they make them that safe for regular Joe on the normal road?

7) If area 51 has nothing to hide then why is it hidden?

8) Did you know that the Titanic had a sister?

9) Why did Doctor David banner/ The incredible hulk never have strecth marks?

10) If cows get foot and mouth would chickens get beak and claw?

Well there are my questions for this week
Maybe you can help me answer them


Lisa said...

Didn't you already answer the Superman question once? That Superman has only one weakness, Kryptonite, and all the other super heros have multiple things that they can't do? Hmm.. I will have to think about this one. Thanks for the update on the Tuesday/Thursday switcheroo.

Jenn said...

1) This is because it is written in the law that anyone giving an injection must use a sterile needle.
2) Because there are lots of people who would be very upset if they stopped the sale of guns. Like hunters. And rednecks.
5) I can't answer this one because you told me, but it was in a previous post you wrote.
6) That's a good question. Cars really should be made safer.
7) I wish I knew...
9) I wish I knew his secret!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Funny stuff.....and I don't really have any answers, but am just thrilled that I found a fellow blogger who abuses the "/" symbol.