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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Why Do they?

Well boys and girls its that time of the week when I have questions again.
Questions that I'm not sure can even be answered but I will write them and post them anyway,seems that its becoming a bit of a tradition. I hope you don't all think I'm not very smart lol.

1) Why in all the rocky films does Balboa get knocked down multiple times in every round but only ever knock down his opponent once ?

2) What ball can you play with but never bounce?
Trick question

3) If there is s civil war then whats so civil about it?

4) Why does a brown cow give white milk if it only eats green grass?
I know it's in a movie but I wonna know

5) Why do weather men try and predict the weather a week in advance if they can't get the next few hours right?

6) Why does James Bond always have the right tools for the job?

7) Why are leaders who are so ready to start wars never willing to take part in them?

8) How do they always save the planet in movies. wouldn't it be interesting to see a movie where the planet gets stuffed?

9) Why do they call the NFL Football If they mainly hold the ball with their hands?

10) Why not make it (911) for the police (912) for the fire brigade and (913) for the ambulance it would free up the phone lines and make it a lot faster, rather than having to go through the middle man who says, which service do you require which takes about ten seconds to say and connect. wouldn't it be better?

Well there's my wonders for this week
hope it gets y'all thinking


Jenn said...

1)cuz it's a dumb movie. oops did i say that?
2)trick question? dirty question!
4)green milk would be gross
10)because that would actually make sense

Robin said...

Hi Wayne
I enjoyed your post...I always wondered the same thing about cow's milk too! James Bond is James Bond...He has EVERYTHING...Roger Moore was the best Bond in my opinion but I was only five when HE was Bond...LOL..Have a great week!

ash said...

would you believe it if I told you when I called 911 in november I was put on hold with a recording that told me my call would be answered in the order it was received?! I had been in a minor car accident, but what if I was someone who was having a heart attack or being attacked by someone with a weapon. unbelievable.

Samantha said...

I love your question posts! They make me giggle!
The last one makes such sense, why aren't you ruling the world?!

Sorry for not taking part in Tribute Tuesday this week, completely lost track of days this week!

Lisa said...

Love your "Why Do They's" Number 10 is a great idea. Number 2 cracked me up! LOL

Lisa said...

I finally thought of a "clean" answer to number 2. An EYE ball. I seriously doubt they would bounce.