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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Domino dud

Well it's now my second night in the USA and today me and my Jenn decided we would order from Domino's pizza.

We placed our order for a Delicious deep pan extra cheese pizza. Even as I was on the phone I could feel my mouth watering and all my thoughts were on the pizza and the cheese dripping of as I grabbed a slice.

The voice at the other end of the phone said 4o minutes and so we waited.

Eventually a knock came to the door I jumped up like I was on a spring and ran t the door.
I opened the door and there was the delivery driver with my pizza in hand.
she handed me the pizza and I asked where the bottle of sprite I had orderd was.

The girl looked in horror and said "oh dear I forgot it, I can go get it for you if you like" I kinda felt sorry for her so I told her it doesn't matter I can get one from McDonald's just round the corner and as I said those very words I could hear my self thinking "Wayne you are so clever !clap clap clap! I'm sure that will make her feel better,,, NOT!!.

I paid her the money and closed the door and placed the box on the table.
we opened the box and to our horror it wasn't the deep pan cheese that we had ordered but a ham and cheese thin crust.

My first instinct was to run after the delivery girl shouting "IT'S THE WRONG PIZZA!!!" but I'm pretty sure she would be long gone already so we sat and ate our ham and cheese pizza Jenn had to pick the pieces of ham out of the cheese and give it to me so I ended up with a extra ham and cheese pizza.

So you could say that I got a dud from Domino's


Jennifer said...

Yes, that was definitely not very good. We'll have to stick to pizza hut next time!

Lisa said...

Well, at least you got a pizza, right? LOL Next time check the box/bag/order before the person leaves!

-stephanie- said...

Gee, sorry your time in the USA is starting out kinda rough. Enjoy the rest of your stay with your sweetie.