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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Why Do they?

Well it has been such a very busy week,
in the week more questions have risen.
Questions that need answers.

So here are my questions for this week.

1) Why are pictures of UFO's always out of focus?

2)Did the city of Atlantis really exist?

3) Why can't the people who live across the road from a graveyard be buried in that graveyard?
trick question

4)If you found land that was undiscovered and claimed it would that make you king or queen/royal?

5) If toilets spin opposite ways in the northern and southern hemisphere then will a tornado do the same?

6) Was the deep impact mission by NASA really a attempt to deflect a comet from striking the earth?

7) If there was no gravity then would a man be able to lift a planet?

8) should they bring back national service?

9) will world war 4 be fought with bow and arrow and sticks and stones?

10) in lost why didn't they just build a boat and sail away?

Well there are my questions for this week.
have fun


scrappysue said...

'live' people don't get buried :)

Jennifer said...

The only one I knew was already answered!

Moannie said...

!. because the little green men send out de-something or other rays3. Yes. because I want it to be true.
4. Of course you can.
10. I gave up after the first series when it became obvious that not even the writers knew how to resolve it.

Alex the Girl said...

Number 7: No, if there is no gravity then there is no force existing that would allow him to lift the planet...And from what would he lift it if there wasn't a force holding it down?