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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Mother V.S the Alarm clock

I love my mother so much she does so much for me. She makes me sandwiches to take to work she makes sure I never go hungry and she nags like most mothers do.

But for all her great attributes there is one thing that she does that bugs the hell out of me.

She seems to think that she is better than my alarm clock for getting me up in the morning or when ever I get up.

now I am the first to admit that I am not the best person for getting up out of bed, but I can when I have to.

I set my alarm clock roughly a hour and a half before I have to be at work. This gives me half a hour to get showered and ready and a hour to get to work.

My mom always asked me what time I have to work the next day, now there is my first mistake.

I tell her the time I am working and usually no more is said about the subject. she goes to bed and that is it.

I go to bed and set my alarm, if I am working at 2:00 pm I set it for about 12:30 pm and I lay in bed and fall asleep.


I jump up looking at the clock thinking my alarm hasn't gone off, the time says 12:21 pm.
I can't believe it that is nine minutes of sleep I have missed out on and it's not just a one off thing.

My mother always seems to wake me up more or less ten minutes before I have set my alarm.

Now I ask anybody who reads this post ,
is there anything more annoying that been woken up ten minutes before your alarm goes off every time you have to work?

Well I guess this is my grumble for this week lol.


Jennifer said...

I couldn't help thinking of Love Shack when you said "bang bang bang on the door." And also, you sleep in too late!!! Just kidding :)

Lana said...

That's a funny story!!

-stephanie- said...

It is annoying getting up before the alarm, but your momma loves you and is just looking out for you. Be nice. and I agree with the others people who posted... that is a funny story, and you do sleep in too late. :o)

Kimber said...

That is hilarious. Unfortunately I do the same thing to my son who is 17. In my own defense though there have been times he has turned off his alarm and fallen back asleep making him late for school.

Following Him said...

HILARIOUS :) Seriously...can't believe she still WANTS to wake you up.