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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Not me! Monday

This blog carnival was created by Mckmama
You can head over to her blog an find out what she and everybody els has not been doing this week.

Not me Monday was introduced to me by my beautiful Jenn who does some of the greatest blogs around.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce my post called TELL A JOKE TUESDAY. it has Mr Linky so the world can see your joke or funny story. So please feel free to join in and help me to make the world laugh. I hope you will join in the fun.

Well boys and girls Lady's and gentlemen it's another week gone by so fast

Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it!

so what have I not done this week ,,, well let me think

when I saw a spiders web in my bedroom I did not go on a mad spider hunt because I was afraid that if I went to sleep with a spider in my room it may crawl in my mouth while I was asleep and I would swallow it.

when I woke up the next morning I did not instantly feel around my mouth with my tongue to make sure there was no spider running around in there.

When I was at work I did not feel the urge to dance along with the hairspray movie.

I am not counting the hours 70 until I set of to be with my beautiful Jenn.

while running a little late for church my mom shouted me and I ran down stairs and she told me that I was nearly late and I did not tell my my mom that there was a saying for when your nearly late and it's called, on time! she did not scutch me for being cheeky

I am now not addicted to lost I mean whats so interesting about survivors suck on a island full of mystery and danger and seeing what each one of there dark secrets are?

I did not say to a customer don't worry this wont hurt you like those dentist do, only to find out hat the customer was a dentist, oh boy am I hoping I don't need a tooth pulled any time soon.

I so did not forget mothers day was on the 22nd.

I did not tell her that the pre picked daffodils by the church cost me a fortune when they was in fact free.

I would never trip and nearly fall at work and then say to a group of people who saw my embarrassing moment,, "It's OK I do all my own stunts".

I am not expecting to be a great uncle any day now.

I do not have a behind like a baboon after having toilet trouble for most of the week .

and last but not least.

while at work I did not feel something pulling at the bottom of my trousers, and when I looked down I did not see the thread had come lose and I had left a trail of my trouser thread reaching right from one side of the store to the other unfortunately the bottom of my trouser leg had come unfolded and was now hanging over my shoe and was trailing along the floor. I did not then have the bright idea to fix the problem with some double sided sticky tape which is still holding now.

well that is my not me's for this week and I hope you all enjoy.


Following Him said...

I did not laugh out loud with the spider and trouser story :) Seriously...the spiders would have driven me nuts! Happy Monday :)

-stephanie- said...

Loved the baboon butt and your toilet trouble story. Great not me's.

Jennifer said...

Your poor mother! And we'll have to get you some new pants when you get here!

Lisa said...

I am SO with you on the spider hunt. I am afraid they will crawl in my ears, though. I thought Mothers Day was "universal" but I am guessing "no" now. Didn't know that! LOL I can add that to my "Not Me's" Happy Monday, or maybe Tuesday by the time you see this.

Jaina said...

Haha "I do all my own stunts". I love it! What a great posting idea. Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you have a great week! :)

Morgan said...

Wayne, how is it that ALL of your not me's are just so funny?! Seriously, they make me laugh every single time!