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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Why Do they?

Yes boys and girls it seems that even more questions have risen this week.
Questions that need answers. so I will ask the world and see if they can answer.

1) Would leaders be so ready to wage war if they had to lead the army's in to battle?

2) how can they call boxing a safe sport?

3) If a man is fishing on the boarder of his country and a fish takes the bait and line and swims across the boarder can the man by law reel the fish back in to his own country?

4) They say we only use a quarter of our brain so whats the rest of it for?

5) Why do they give multiple life sentences if you only get one life?

6) why don't they make a world wide currency?

7) why are Adam and eve never depicted as apes or Neanderthals if they always say that we came from apes?

8) Why in movies are the good guys never arrested for killing all the bad guys?

9) Did Niel Armstrong really walk on the moon?

10) which ways more a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?
Trick question

Well I hope you all find my questions interesting and maybe you can answer them

Have fun.


Jennifer said...

Baby you know the answer to the Adam and Eve question. It's because it's two different sets of people--one group believes we are all from Adam and Eve, and the other group believes we came from apes.

Lisa said...

Jenn hit the Adam and Eve one on the head, one day there will be a world wide currency. It will lead to mark of the beast eventually. A ton of feathers and a ton of bricks weigh the same. No, I don't think Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Personal opinion though. Who says boxing is safe, anyway? LOL Great post.

Charisse said...

I like question # 8. I asked my boyfriend the same exact thing the other day while we were watching Street Kings. Why didn't Mark Wahlberg have to answer for the 9 deaths around him? Granted, he was being tracked and watched by IA...but why then, did IA let him go and change the story. It kinda defeated the whole idea!!!!