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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Why Do they?

It's been such a long week and again questions have risen which need answers
Questions that rack my brain
so here are the questions that I must ask

1) Why don't cash machines dispense coins?

2) is there a film where there is no reference to love in it?

3) If the queen is head of state then why do Parliament make all the decisions?

4) if religion is so peaceful why does it lead to war?

5) when you played cowboys and Indians whey were the Indians always the bad guys?

6) Why aren't the police cars the most powerful and fastest cars in the world?

7) Why in sports movies does the entire team rely on one player to win the game?

8) The flu jab infects you with the flu to make you immune but you go near other people who you then pass the flu on to so is the flu jab just a conspiracy to make money?

9) if England is 5 hours in front of the united states does that mean I am from the future?

10) If wrestling is real then why do they never go to the hospital except for when there is a accident? and why do they never have bruises?


-stephanie- said...

YES to #8.

good questions Wayne. I hope you get all the answers.

Jennifer said...

you sure do have A LOT of questions! like a 4-year-old ;)